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Transportation - Safety

As with any student transportation safety comes first, at Auxilio we look at safety as a starting point. All personnel from managers to drivers, aids to mechanics along with support staff start with training. Training in safety procedures and measures are standardized in the transportation industry what separates Auxilio are the areas of additional training that occurs on a regular basis.

As many companies state Safety First, yet look deeper and you will see some of this is just words. Auxilio takes this statement to heart, safety meetings, continuous legal updates, review of company safety standards and many more. At Auxilio safety starts before the engine ever cranks we believe giving the drivers, the support team maintenance and mechanics along with management as much information and training about safety before they ever step on the bus. Safety does not stop once the buses start running the program emphasizes continuous training and every day starts with safety. We set up programs for the students, their parents and the district to participate in safety programs which lends to safety at all levels. Again Safety first is not just words at Auxilio it is where we start!