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Transportation Services


At Auxilio we have developed a unique approach to the student transportation dilemma. The thought pattern has been by having a private company to provide their student transportation the district loses control of the system, that once they have outsourced their buses and personnel the district can never turn back. Auxilio’s approach is the system is always the districts, the control is theirs, so there is no cookie cutter approach at Auxilio, you want to outsource your personnel, management, maintenance, routing but keep your buses we can do that. The district wants to maintain control of their current fleet and have Auxilio replace old buses, we can do that. If the district wants Auxilio to replace all the buses but have a safety net that they can buy the buses back at the value of what the fleet was when Auxilio took over, we can do that. Again there are many ways to approach the system and Auxilio does not cookie cutter the system, Auxilio goal is to serve the district, the students, and the community along with the employees, giving them the service they desire.

As in all our services on sight management is very important. Auxilio puts a huge emphasis in this area because without strong leadership at the local level the system will fall apart, strong management leads to good communications, happy employees, proper routing, on time and safe buses along with well-maintained vehicles. The most important part of the manager’s job is to communicate, communicate with parents, teachers, students, administrators, coaches, board members, community members, vendors and authorities who make sure we operate within the law. Training and adjusting to the needs of the district is where our management team begins, they make sure that all parts of the operations runs smoothly and efficiently.



Today routing software plays an integral part in the day to day routing, because there are several players in this arena Auxilio has made a strong effort to be up to date in as many areas of routing software as possible. We adjust and work with the all software providers to provide the highest level of routing to our clients. Though routing software is important it is the beginning point not the end point there are many situations the software cannot see. At Auxilio we work with all parts of a system to provide the most efficient routing.