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Facility Services

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When most people think facility services the discussion goes to how cheap we can do the services to maintain the buildings. At Auxilio Services our thought is how to give the building the best presentation so the users of the facility are comfortable in their surroundings. The functionality of the facility must be at its highest level while the curb appeal and inside eye appeal should be maintained at the same level as the functionality.

Auxilio Services believes there are four parts of the facility services, those being maintenance, custodial services and ground maintenance and energy services. Maintenance Services is taking care of the structure that and mechanical systems that run the buildings. Those range from HVAC to doors, from plumbing fixtures to lighting fixtures and everything in between. Many companies concentrate on the big three of Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC, which are very important to the day to day operations of any facility, but there are many parts of building that are just as important to maintain so the day to day operations remain uninterrupted. Auxilio knows how to efficiently and economically maintain a building, cheap never comes into play. As for custodial services this is not only an operation that cleans the facility at the highest level giving it great eye appeal making it a pleasant environment to work within but custodians are the first line of maintenance. There are many parts of the facility that can and should be maintained by the people who have the largest presences in the operations of the facility. This is exactly why custodians play a large role in the maintenance of a facility.

Like general maintenance Ground Maintenance maintains the functionality of the outside of the facility. Grounds is the first thing people see and gives people their first impression, it is also the first step in safety that is why grounds should not be taken as an afterthought. Auxilio puts as much importance on grounds which includes snow removal as it does the rest of the facility to make sure the first impression is the right impression. At Auxilio we make sure all our personnel are trained properly and included in that training is the process of being energy conscious and efficient. Please see our how our energy services can help save money in your facility along with all other facility services Auxilio offers its clients