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Grounds Maintenance

With grounds maintenance many people look at as an evil necessity.

At Auxilio we believe it is exactly what it is meant to be the enhancement to the facilities it surrounds. The problem is many districts and clients want to spend as little as possible to maintain the ground, that is why Auxilio’s approach works while incorporating it into our facility services process and crossover employees where possible enables us to maintain the grounds at the highest levels without breaking the bank. Oh sure there are cheaper ways but in the end those cheaper ways truly show.

Snow Removal:

Snow Removal and Ice Management is part of our grounds division and though a similar approach is taken with this area it does take into account the weather and commodities like salt and fuel. That said Auxilio is not a company that charges for the service on an annual basis then if the winter is mild bank the money. Our approach is you pay for the service when needed and the salt and/or chemicals used to clear the walkways and drive ways for the people to have access to the facilities. Our goal is to manage the system not take advantage of our customers.

As in all our services safety comes first and the same goes for snow removal, to make the accesses to the facilities safe.