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Facilities Maintenance

Facilities maintenance is a multilevel function, there is the day to day process and then there is the preventative maintenance portion and/or major maintenance piece for a facility. What is important to note is a school building must remain operational throughout the school year to maximize the learning process and extracurricular activities. Auxilio has a strong preventative maintenance based on a quarterly basis, allowing regular changes on filters and checks for all systems in the areas of HVAC, Boilers, Plumbing and Electrical Systems. The goal is to keep the systems in good working condition making regular updates to mechanical systems that will help prevent major untimely repairs. Minor maintenance is tracked and performed both by maintenance personnel and custodial staff. This approach saves money and time and as is the policy of Auxilio gain more than one set of eyes in an area. Auxilio facility maintenance services goes above and beyond with affiliation and understanding of most major systems and relationships with that allow us to service all systems. Some companies have a proprietary relationship with a vendor; Auxilio chooses not to have those relationships as it limits the flexibility of the company and the ability to service multiple manufactures. Feel free to ask us about our maintenance programs.