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Many cleaning companies can clean office buildings, factories and community facilities, but school buildings and their maintenance is another thing. Auxilio understands the needs of a school district and the facilities associated within a district, that is what we specialize in School Facilities.

We understand the use of the school facilities, the flexibility needed because of the hours a school building is open and the need to services the district and the community. Auxilio conducted an MBA study over an 18 month period that showed the demands and the attention to detail that is needed to service a school district of any size. Following that study we implemented what we believe is the highest level of custodial, minor maintenance, maintenance and ground services along with very competitive pricing. Auxilio is the only company that offers an arrangement of services; custodial services/minor maintenance, energy management and also transportation. By being able to offer this arrangement of services we are able to cross over employees and further reduce costs.

Auxilio specialized in customizing services to your District’s needs. We cover all aspects of cleaning is school districts and educational facilities within the states which we work. Auxilio provides continual care and maintenance of educational buildings and facilities looking for efficiencies to help control costs for the services provided. This includes every aspect of cleaning of all areas and surfaces; our goal is to provide the best day to day cleaning along with superior specialized services.

Auxilio cleaning professionals are instilled with the same commitment when the business was started. Our personnel are trained in appropriate cleaning procedures as well as the proper use of our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and top quality cleaning products. We instilled in our personnel the protocol on how to approach and handle interaction with school employees, administration, parents and students.

We have established many procedures to ensure that our clients' facilities are cleaned properly. In addition to hiring, training and properly supervising qualified personnel, we have many procedures in place to allow our clients to give us feedback on our services that we are providing. We encourage an open exchange of information through the use of on-site log books for tracking daily quality issues, periodic site inspections with or without client representatives, daily phone contact with our corporate office and/or direct follow-up with contract managers. Our team utilizes the latest in communication technology to react to our client’s needs in emergencies, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction and our clients may select the feedback program that best serves their needs.

Team Clean Approach

Many companies use a team clean approach that was established in the corporate arena, this approach is not applicable to schools in the same manner that it is implemented in the corporate world. Auxilio took part in a study of how to properly use a team clean concept in school districts; this study produced an efficient program that addresses the needs of a district which is quite different from other facilities. Our approach works, and it is clear on how to implement a unique approach to what school districts need. This system has only been implemented by several companies throughout the country and the only one in the Midwest is Auxilio.

Team clean helps us to be more efficient and it increases communications not only within the team but with our clients and allows us to put more than one set of eyes in an area. We look forward to explaining our process to our potential clients.