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The Auxillio Maintenance Program

The Auxillio Maintenance Program

Our commitment at Auxilio is to provide mechanically sound vehicles whose performance and appearance inspire the highest level of service to its clients, patrons and employees

Properly maintained vehicles are essential to safe, reliable and efficient transportation. Auxilio believes that vehicles are best maintained through the use of a comprehensive program that defines and sets the guidelines for the maximum efficiency of a vehicle while providing vehicle that meet the highest standards of safety. These guidelines are designed to assist local management in implementing and operating the company's maintenance program. It should not be used to replace common sense, good management or stifle creative thought. This guide sets minimum standards, suggests proven techniques and methods.

In recent years we have moved from a mileage program to time based program. This ensures the buses that travel short distances yet will run numerous hours are seen in the shop on a regular basis. Our goal is to review each and every vehicle once a month whether it is on a regular route or a spare.

It is the intent of Auxilio that its operating fleets either contractor, or district owned, shall set the standard by which all others in the transportation industry are judged.

Preventive Maintenance Program

The Auxilio Preventive Maintenance Program is designed to keep all vehicles in a safe, reliable and functional condition at all times. It requires management, drivers, fuelers and mechanics to be trained and accountable for specific roles. The goal is to maintain the vehicles and spot trouble areas before they become too expensive to fix. With a strong preventative maintenance program Auxilio has been able to lengthen the life of several fleets at the same time the safety of the vehicles have not been compromised in fact the level of safety has gone up. All maintenance programs should start with a strong preventative maintenance program.