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About Us


History of the Company

Auxilio was introduced several years ago as a new brand, built on decades of successful experience. The team who built Auxilio understands the need for a quality company that takes to heart the true meaning of a budgetary partner. Auxilio management has experience in working with clients from K-12 and higher education along with corporate experience, giving our clients one of the most well rounded group in the industry.

The model developed and refined was brought to the table from past experience of members of the management team. The thought pattern was to develop two divisions that can service K-12, higher education, governmental, medical and corporate customers that will maximize savings while giving the employees the ability to crossover to support both services. The model works and while the company is young and in an aggressive growth mode expectations are high to offer the best quality service in both transportation and facility services. We do not compromise on the level services. In our initial growth phase, we have developed innovative strategies, processes and tools along with recruiting some of the strongest talent both experienced and developed within our systems. Our name - “Auxilio” - reflects a refined business philosophy of truly helping

Auxilio’s goal is to create a positive work atmosphere. We are proud of our record with one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry. We treat our employees fairly, expecting punctuality, politeness and professionalism in return. We provide the training; equipment and leadership that our employees need to succeed. We believe in investing in the onsite personnel, including a local management team who can “make things happen.” Our philosophy is “Well managed and happy employees make for smooth running operations”. These philosophies have created a company that people want to work for.

Relationship Management

We treat each district as a business partner. We work closely with you to finalize the solution, establish the local team, implement the transition and ensure your satisfaction over time. There is always an open line of communication with Auxilio’s leadership and local managers. Auxilio’s clients have a dedicated delivery managers, whose job is to make sure all systems, are running correctly and the client is kept informed. The strength of the relationship is at the local level, without good communications from a strong management team at the local level the success of the service would be compromised. It is at the local level that the jobs are performed and the communication is the most important. This is why Auxilio places the greatest importance on strong leadership within the contracted service area.