Who We Are

Auxilio is simply here to help your school district. We professionally manage support services so you can focus on your passion: education. Across several categories, we provide specialized, expert management of the student environment . saving you time and money that you can reinvest in the student experience.

Auxilio's experienced team manages transitions carefully and delivers the optimal balance of quality and cost efficiency for the long term. While maintaining or improving service for our clients, we typically achieve savings of at least 20%. And our budget monitoring process never stops looking for efficiencies.

Auxilio is unique in the marketplace because we organize around client relationships and manage multiple services. This allows us to achieve real economic and operational synergies for the betterment of the school district and the local employees. Further, Auxilio is unique in that we collaborate with schools as a genuine business partner . helping manage budgets, establishing tailored programs and responding quickly as needs change or special events occur.


Our communities and our school systems are operating under considerable financial strain. School tax levies are failing at an unprecedented rate of 65%, while employee, equipment, materials and energy costs continue to rise.

School leaders are seeking ways of using tax dollars more effectively while improving service levels to students and the community.

Across the nation, non-educational services are being considered as candidates for outsourcing by school administrators.

The solution is a reputable company who can provide these important services reliably, cost-effectively and in good partnership with the school district. In today's fiscal environment, working with Auxilio is an opportunity schools cannot afford to ignore.

Our Services


Auxilio is the only company providing all of these professional services to schools in the midwest.

The solution is Auxilio -- we're here to help.

Contact Auxilio Services by phone: (517) 321-0882 or email: info@auxilioservices.com.


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